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The Bangalore based business, Briyas foods isn't run like a business but reared like a child by the founders yamini and shivakesaran. The company's name stands as a symbol of the family of four “B for Brithi, Ri- Rishi, Ya-Yamini, S-Shivakesaran”.

Inspired by a TedTalk, the Founder and Managing Director, Yamini set out to do something different, something suitable for everyone. She studied about protein and the adverse effects of protein deficiency on human health which led her to work on preparing a plant-based protein diet.

Briyas foods product's primary ingredient is Tofu, highly nutritious food made out of soya milk. Yamini's kitchen experiments with Tofu in her own home, made her realize that if her family loves it, why can't she make it available for others at an affordable price.

The business initially started with no concrete idea and ended up as an ethically homegrown company. The company's core values of clean and green food are reflected in the founder's relentless efforts to provide only the best and highest quality ingredients to their customers.


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It was the Greek philosopher Hippocrates who said: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Food is our fuel. Eating healthy has long term physiological and psychological benefits for human beings, and Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet and let me tell you about Briyas Foods Private Limited. A phenomenal brand that has been working hard to bring to you this protein in the most compact and easy-to-include way possible. Know the inspiring story of Briyas Foods. Startup Story Media In conversation with Sivaram CEO, Briyas Foods....

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